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Complementary Practices in Chaplaincy

From the Association of Professional Chaplains, “Complementary Spiritual Practices.”  Below are six practices I selected from the myriad offerings they have in their report.  I encourage you to read the breadth of practices they have and to consider where there are practices you can incorporate into your spiritual toolkit!

Practice:  Anointing with Oil
Description:  Religious Ritual Involving the Placement of Oil on Head or Body
Benefit: Spiritual Blessing, Connecting with the Divine & Community, Health Benefits from Increased Coping Resources

Practice:  Breath Prayer
Description:  Intercessory Prayer, Tonglen (Buddhist)
Benefit:   Increased Closeness to God, Positive Health Effects

Practice:  Confession
Description:  Multi-faith Practice
Benefit:   Health Benefits, Emotional Release, Reduction in Negative Feelings

Practice:  Forgiveness
Description:  Forgiving Others
Benefit:   Treatment of Various Disorders, Unblocking Spiritual Process, Positive Physical Effects of Lessened Stress

Practice:  Guided Imagery Visualization
Description:  Directed Imagination, Creation of Visuals, Images, and Events
Benefit:   Relaxation, Well-Being, Healing Effects

Practice:  Prayer or Mala Beads
Description:  Using String of Beads with Prayer or Meditation
Benefit:   Centeredness, Mindfulness, Interconnection with Others