Contact Information

Chaplain Terri Stewart

Snail Mail to:

The Church Council of Greater Seattle
2701 First Ave., Suite 240
Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: (206) 525-1213
Fax: (206) 525-1218

One thought on “Contact”

  1. Terri, my name is Gloria, and I’ve been teaching writing up at the Washington State Reformatory for many years. In June, I’ll be starting a pilot program at the Regional Justice Center in Kent headed up by the Department of Corrections for incarcerated veterans, teaching something called The Hero’s Journey. I’ve been looking for some kind of support for years, actually, and just came across your meet-up today. I see it’s fairly new, but I don’t see any future events on your calendar. Are there any? Are you active? I’d love to know a little more about your group and what’s on the horizon. I’ve written a correspondence course that I’m working to get into prisons across the country. Would love to hear from you. (I tried contacting you through the meet-up site, but it wouldn’t let me send you a message.)


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