The Youth Chaplaincy Coalition is a group of like-minded individuals and churches that seek to provide services, in a faith-based context, to Youth Detention Centers.


The mission of the Youth Chaplaincy Coalition is to provide quality, innovative, comprehensive services for the whole person, to youth and families affected by the justice system within a quality volunteer and work environment staffed by knowledgeable, ecumenical, and caring faith-based volunteers.


While the justice system can treat the psychological and physical symptoms a youth in crisis has, chaplains have a unique opportunity to bring in the third leg of the stool, spirituality.  By bringing a holistic vision of the child, the possibility of healing the body, mind, and spirit  becomes a reality.  Our work creates possibilities for transformation and integration.


The mission is attained by adherence to the values of listening and loving.


  • Faith Communities for Peace
    • Peacemaking Coordinating Team
    • Peacemaking Circles
  • Professional, trained Chaplain
  • Quality Chaplain Volunteers
  • Bible study in a protestant tradition
  • Financial aid to the Juvenile Detention school and to Alder Academy
  • Support of the Kid’s Closet program
  • Local church and community involvement
  • Engaging Speakers for communities
  • Spiritual Companionship
  • Mentoring

For more information, please leave a comment  or contact Rev. Terri Stewart at 425.531.1756.

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