Update on Chaplaincy

Hi folks!  these are hard times during COVID19.

We ask that you keep all the youth, their families, the staff and all affected folks in your prayers as we pray for their safety, health, well-being, and growth during this time of social isolation.  If you think your isolation is bad, imagine being locked in a cell and not allowed to see your loved ones–or even your liked ones!

The youth in detention, at Echo Glen and at King County, are doing pretty well, all things considered.  There have been no illnesses due to COVID19 among the youth.  The adults, however, have experienced some amount of illness and illness within their families that has affected how staff shows up to the youth.

Families, volunteers, mentors and chaplains are being kept apart from the youth and are contacting them via telephone or web conferencing.  Each facility is doing the best they can in a time where supplies are hard to get (web conferencing supplies like webcams and microphones).  If you can donate anything, let me know!