Christmas 2019

Hello all!

This is Rev. Terri Stewart here.  I hope this moment in time finds you capturing moments of peace and the inbreaking of Love in your life.

Last year, through a partnership with a local PTA and many churches in the state of Washington, we were able to provide Christmas gift packages to 120 youth at Echo Glen Children’s Home and at Naselle Youth Camp.  This year, we do not have the partnership of that particular local PTA so it falls to us to be the hands and feet of Christmas!

I am here to ask you if your community can commit to gathering and donating gift bags for youth that include:

  • 1 board game, card game, or dominoes
  • 1 sports ball (basketball, volleyball, soccerball)
  • 1 youth-level book to read
  • 1 package of shampoo and conditioner
  • 1 package of peanut-free candy (skittles type candies)
  • 1 note/card of encouragement (affirmations and encouragement, no personal information, not in a sealed envelope)


It does make our lives much easier if you can gather complete gift bags rather than gathering only one of the items.  If just 12 churches commit to 10 bags each, we will have enough for two institutions and the youth and children held there to know that someone on the outside knows where they are and knows that they are beloved children of the most High.

Please contact me at 425.531.1756 or at if you can commit to providing one to 120 gift bags!  No donation is too small.


Rev. Terri Jane Stewart

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