Christmas Reflections

Christmas day rolled around and once again we gathered. We heard the choir singing with an occasional giggle and kazoo. Cookies and Red Vines showed up along with Santa and his helper!

A generous spirit was in the air.

Because of donations to the King County Juvenile Detention Center, we were able to witness youth realize the abundance of community. A young woman alone in the world receiving love. A young man with the largest stack of presents he has ever had. We witnessed a Christmas miracle!

One thing that is fun every year is to see the kids put on all clothing they get. They keep putting it on! Layer over layer. They are visibly delighted.

One thing that is sad every year is noticing who is here this year. Again.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the most vulnerable youth in King County. Because of your gifts, grace and mercy were present!

My dream is that it can be Christmas for these youth every day. That the amount of concern shown on Christmas day will be shown every day of their lives. And the gifts given will be given during ordinary time.