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Mass incarceration and mental health inpatient treatment:

Mass Incarceration and the Cradle to Prison Pipeline

Inpatient deinstitutionalization:

Incarceration across time:

Mass Incarceration and Education Spending Trends in Washington State

Poverty and Incarceration

Witness: Spending Trends in Washington

(Washington K-12 Spending Relative to All States, page 2, )

(The change in Washington’s Crime Rate and Taxpayer Costs of the Criminal Justice System over Crime Rates, page 5, )

First, the weight of the evidence indicates that, on average, per-pupil expenditures are related to student outcomes.

Second, the effect appears to be stronger in lower school grades than in upper grades

And yet, incarceration tax payer costs are up from $575 per household on the criminal justice in 1980 to $1,250 spent in 2009.

Even while crime rates have dropped 43%.

“Washington, too, spends an excessive amount of money housing prisoners. The Vera Institute for Justice calculated the taxpayer costs for housing one person in Washington prisons. Their final tally: more than $46,000 a year for one prisoner. Or, to put it differently, the same cost for three undergraduate students to attend the University of Washington….” 1/10/2013

Education spending has dropped relative to other states.

In the 1999-2000 period, Washington ranked 15th among the states in state and local government K-12 education spending per capita. In fiscal year 2010 Washington was ranked 32nd.  And in 2013, we spend even less per student than we did in 2010 while we increased our ranking from 32nd to 30th.

Currently, we are 15th in our cost of living (Q3, 2014 at

Currently, we are 35th in our cost per pupil spending in education (

Ethnic Demographics King County Juvenile Detention Center

Poverty and Incarceration2

King County stats:

King County Incarceration Demographics:

Note: The last juvenile court available is here: (2014)

Report name: “Comparison 2013 to 2014”