Can you keep watch?

April 17-18

-17th from 9:00 p.m. to the 18th at noon

“Could you not keep watch with me even one hour?” Matthew 26:40

Youth-Chaplaincy-Coalition and Faith Action Network (FAN) invite you to a virtual and placed prayer and meditation vigil raising consciousness for youth affected by incarceration, racism, and gun violence.

Event link: Here.


Anyone and everyone can participate in the vigil! This event has purposely been scheduled during Holy Week in the Christian Tradition and this vigil is open to all people of all faiths (or of no particular faith) who wish to raise consciousness for youth affected by incarceration, racism, and gun violence.

The VIRTUAL vigil begins at 9:00 pm PST on Maundy Thursday, April 17 and continues through the night until NOON PST on Long Friday, April 18.

The PLACED vigil will be observed in silence from 6 am – Noon on Long Friday, April 18 in the Chapel at Epiphany Parish Seattle. Information from the Washington Alliance for Responsible Gun Ownership, FAN, The Church Council of Greater Seattle, and YCC will be available at Epiphany. If you would like to share silent prayer and meditation in community please join us in Epiphany’s Chapel.

IF you want your NAME and/or a Prayer or Message included on a prayer chain we’re creating to bring with us to Juvie in May to show the youth visually how many folks were and are keeping watch with them, please RSVP yes and/or post a comment. We will add a link to the chain with your first name on it.

We’ve invited almost 800 people to participate – wouldn’t it be awesome if we had hundreds of links in our chain showing the youth how connected we are? Please SHARE the invitation with everyone and anyone you think would keep watch with youth affected by incarceration, racism, and gun violence. We will share photos of the prayer chain after the retreats in May.

If you would like to see prayers, readings, and images posted by YCC on the hour throughout vigil please like the the Youth Chaplaincy Coalition FB page.

Once you sign up you don’t need to do anything, but pray or meditate. If you’re moved toward action beyond this vigil – may it be so.

With deep gratitude for your witness and love,

Emily Linderman, Chaplain Intern
& The Rev. Terri Stewart, Founder and Director
The Youth Chaplaincy Coalition




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