Kairos Torch Volunteers Needed

Hi!  I’d like to share with you a mission that is dear to my heart.  Kairos Prison Ministry.  In Greek, there are two words for time…chronos and Kairos.  Chronos is the time on your watch and Kairos has a meaning more close to “the right or opportune moment.”  Any expectant mother can tell you about waiting for Kairos time while being on chronos time.

Kairos Prison Ministry delivers a little bit of God’s time to those who are incarcerated.  It offers a short course in Christian love and unity to people who have little experience of a supportive, loving community.  Often, lives are transformed.

Kairos Torch is a ministry for juveniles who are incarcerated.  Hey, youth need God’s love too!  In Torch, not only are the youth given a Christian retreat, they are given a mature Christian mentor that they meet with for one year.  This can often be one of the most stable relationships that a youth may have.

This year, here in Washington, Kairos Prison Ministry is holding Torch #1 at King County Youth Detention Center in Seattle. We hope to interrupt the cycle of recidivism that so many youth become trapped in. Kairos for adults has been shown, statistically, to lower the recidivism rate from 70% (or so) to 30%. This is significant! And you can be part of it!

There are several ways to support Kairos Prison Ministry. Prayer, Volunteering, and Financial Support just to name a few!  If you are interested in any of these, please contact Roberta Newell at rnewell@post.com or Terri Stewart at YCC-Chaplain@thechurchcouncil.org.

Washington State Kairos Prison Ministry Website

International Kairos Prison Ministry Website

Financial Aid for Youth Affected by Incarceration

Hi all! I need $409 ASAP for a young man enrolling in community college. His parents failed to do the financial aid paperwork and he is scraping what he has together the best he can. He got a 3.8 last quarter. He is paying for 2 classes himself out of his McDonalds earnings. Can you help? Message me at YCC-Chaplain@comcast.net.

send donations to
Church Council of Greater Seattle
Attn: Youth Chaplaincy Coalition
2701 First Ave., Suite 240
Seattle, WA 98121

Put YCC / tuition on the memo line , please. The YCC got adopted as a program of the Church Council of Greater Seattle!