Cradle to Prison Pipeline

The cradle to prison pipeline is the idea that we have a system that is geared to carry youth of a certain socio-economic status from cradle to prison. It is seen in such behaviors such as contracting private prison providers based on 3rd grade reading levels. They don’t FIX the reading issue, they pay a contract based on the issue.  Hmm.

Even more difficult is the transition from youth detention to adult incarceration when it happens midstream for a youth. I met today with one such young woman. She is being sent to the adult prison. She is not allowed to take anything, ANYTHING, with her. Not even a Bible (or other sacred writing). Ridiculous. How hard is it to keep track of a box of stuff? Someone transitioning through what is probably the scariest thing they will do cannot even have the comfort of a favorite book. Hmm.

So, please pray and send your best thoughts of support for L. who is moving on to be with the adults on Wednesday. It will be a tough day for her.


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