My Heart is Strangely Warmed

No, my heart was not strangely warmed by listening to an explication of the Book of Romans, but by witnessing four beautiful young men from detention mix and mingle with the people of Rainier Beach UMC at the first Clover Youth Mission Team meeting on the premises.

They ate food, they laughed, they drew pictures, they played games, and they chit-chatted.  And I skunked one of them in a rousing game of dots and lines. Overall, it was fabulous. And you know what? It was a glimpse of the Kingdom of God in the here and now. Nobody judged them. Everybody loved them. And in the building, Christian and Muslim ate side-by-side, East African and Euro-American and African-American and Fijiian all at the table together. Now that is the Kingdom of God.  All the children playing together with the values of listening and loving.

Yes.  My heart is strangely warmed.

A silly moment before the real picture.
So serious.



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