Celebrate! Gertrude Apel Pioneering Spirit Award!


I am very excited to let you know that the Church Council of Greater Seattle’s 2012 Gertrude Apel Pioneering Spirit Award winners are:

The Youth Chaplaincy Coalition, headed by Terri Stewart

The Coalition lives and breathes a truly ecumenical spirit in walking with young people in the Youth Detention Center and Echo Glen.  Involving ministers and lay people from diverse Christian backgrounds and various faith traditions, the ministry is being taken in new directions to support youth coming out of incarceration and to provide a base of pastoral care for young people in the community.

Sr. Julie Codd, CSJP

Sr. Julie was a catalyst in the evolution of the Chief Seattle Club and has maintained an active and vibrant ministry with Native American communities before, during and since her time as Director of the center.  Her urban ministry reflects the deep spirituality and cultural respect that has transformed lives and relationships in a city so hungry for authentic encounter.

In the spirit of the Rev. Gertrude Apel, both the Youth Chaplaincy Coalition and Sr. Julie Codd, CSJP, have the “talent for fostering cooperation and getting things done.”  The Church Council of Greater Seattle is proud to celebrate these witnesses to the Gospel of Christ who model faith-filled compassion and justice.

Please join in a simple, festive celebration for these Pioneers:

Sunday, November 18
3 p.m.
Seattle First Baptist Church
1111 Harvard Avenue
Seattle, WA

Thank you for sharing this invitation with your friends, communities and congregations.

I invite your RSVP to Ann Erickson at aerickson@thechurchcouncil.org.   For further information or questions, feel free to contact me at mramos@thechurchcouncil.org or 206.525.1213 x3911.

Blessings on your ministries and your commitment to creating a more just world.


Michael Ramos
Executive Director
Church Council of Greater Seattle


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